Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final Project

This version of my final project portrays the mother nature taking back the environment.  To symbolize this a little farther the stories in the magazine that show fictional things that have happened that mother nature caused to stop us from destroying the environment.
This version of the final is another magazine that shows people helping to save and fix the environment.  The two sub-stories are actual projects that were done to help the environment.  The bottom one is a lake that was cleaned and is now powered and kept healthy by real wetland plants.  The top story is a park in a city that was kept instead of building another skyscraper.  So a different artist put sculptures of leaves in the park to symbolize the park winning.

Quiz 4

The movie Machete appeals to guys more because of the color scheme and weapons that would hint violence during the movie.

Valentine's Day appeals to women.  The pink heart attracts women to watch the movie because most guys don't like pink.  The heart not so much appeals to women as much as the pink as seen in the transformed version.

Here is my version of Valentine's Day that would appeal more to guys.  I changed the pink to a bloody red to symbolize violence along with the weapons added.  Also the heart seems to be dripping blood.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

blog 4

My big idea is the importance of the health of nature and our environment.  Artwork will be used to reinstate the importance of a healthy environment and a reminder of how growing cities and the ignorance of people are harming nature.  Images of destroyed environments as well as ones that have been fixed will be showcased to show the harm that's been done and also to show what is being done. These images will create an awareness of the harmful side effects to the environment and also how we can help to make the area around of a healthier environment.  I plan to create magazine covers of eco-friendly situations to create an awareness of this.

Alan Sonfist shows some digital art that shows what seems to be nature taking back over.  The pictures of leaves on cars and a tree that is protected from the city are examples.  This is interesting because if we don't try to protect and help nature then maybe it will take over on its own.

Jackie Brookner displays some things that she has done to help the environment.  It's interesting because she does this in an artwork type of way.

Blog 3

Alan Sonfist

This artist appeals to me because his art is intended for the ecosystem.  His artwork creates a vision of nature taking over technology and growing cities.  The artist inspires me because you will see forests being preserved  and different projects like that but never really nature taking over cities.

Jackie Brookner

This artist also inspires me with the preservation and respect to the ecosystem and nature.  She does projects to protect areas through a eco-safe way.  The first picture is intended as a gift of water.  The water is completely filtrated by wetland plants instead of chlorine or other chemicals that would harm the environment. The last picture is a man made floating island for these birds to lay eggs on so they are not eaten by smaller animals.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My big idea is purpose of life combined with destiny of one person’s life.  The left side puzzle piece illustrates the confusion of one’s life.  A lot of times we are faced with tough decisions in life.  Sometimes the decision is obvious because one is positive and one is negative.  This picture illustrates a decision that is a lose-lose, or win-win.  Those are the toughest ones to decide on hence the person with their hands on their head hinting confusion.  The person is also “grayed out” signifying that it can be anyone.  On the other puzzle piece is what one believes their life is supposed to end up like.  Once again the person is “grayed out” so it can be anyone.  The thinking bubbles are used to signify the “American Dream.”  Also there is a missing puzzle piece that should be in the middle.  This is missing because it is the end result, kind of like a biography of someone’s life. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rough Artist Statement

My big idea is purpose.  In the pictures I see a lot of different things that pertain to purpose. A lot of times I feel like I don't know what my purpose is.  That could be illustrated by such pictures as the two question mark pictures or the direction pictures.  Also another one would be the boy that is sitting with his hands on his head and doesn't know what to do and looks overwhelmed about something.  Also there are pictures that would represent a reason for something.  Such as the pictures like the sculpture which when I look at it, even the smallest bolt has a purpose and it is to keep it standing.  The same goes for in life.  Everyone serves a purpose in this world.  Other pictures such as the free falling man, the railroad tracks signify following some type of path even though you don't know where it may lead because in the end the puzzle pieces will fit together.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Big Idea Buildup

Morals- Everyone has different morals.  It is kind of how you live your life.  Your morals are developed throughout childhood and sticks with you the rest of your life.  Someone may be less likely to steal something because there morals are different.

Money- It is a necessity in today's world but it seems the more of it you have the less happy people are.  Also if you don't have enough most people are not happy because they are worried about being in debt and living a comfortable life.  It seems like the people that live comfortably are the ones that have a reasonable amount of money to live comfortably.

Religion- It kind of goes along with morals in someways.  Everybody has one in a sense.  Even if you don't have a religion, that is in a way a type of religion.  In each of these religions there are examples of the ways that people are supposed to and not supposed to do in everyday life. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stan Douglas

The picture is in a wooded and somewhat mountainous area.  The significance of the picture is the cemetery.  There are four tombstones and two of them are surrounded by fences.  This could mean one of two things. Either it's trying to trap something inside or keep something out. Also there is another fence in the background.  The fenced tombstone on the left has a tree on the inside also.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011