Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My big idea is purpose of life combined with destiny of one person’s life.  The left side puzzle piece illustrates the confusion of one’s life.  A lot of times we are faced with tough decisions in life.  Sometimes the decision is obvious because one is positive and one is negative.  This picture illustrates a decision that is a lose-lose, or win-win.  Those are the toughest ones to decide on hence the person with their hands on their head hinting confusion.  The person is also “grayed out” signifying that it can be anyone.  On the other puzzle piece is what one believes their life is supposed to end up like.  Once again the person is “grayed out” so it can be anyone.  The thinking bubbles are used to signify the “American Dream.”  Also there is a missing puzzle piece that should be in the middle.  This is missing because it is the end result, kind of like a biography of someone’s life. 

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