Sunday, March 6, 2011

blog 4

My big idea is the importance of the health of nature and our environment.  Artwork will be used to reinstate the importance of a healthy environment and a reminder of how growing cities and the ignorance of people are harming nature.  Images of destroyed environments as well as ones that have been fixed will be showcased to show the harm that's been done and also to show what is being done. These images will create an awareness of the harmful side effects to the environment and also how we can help to make the area around of a healthier environment.  I plan to create magazine covers of eco-friendly situations to create an awareness of this.

Alan Sonfist shows some digital art that shows what seems to be nature taking back over.  The pictures of leaves on cars and a tree that is protected from the city are examples.  This is interesting because if we don't try to protect and help nature then maybe it will take over on its own.

Jackie Brookner displays some things that she has done to help the environment.  It's interesting because she does this in an artwork type of way.

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  1. Like I've said before I really appreciate what you are trying to express. I like that you have strongly stated your artist statement and the relate it to the research that you've done on the subject.